What Is the Best Pocket Knife for Camping?

There are times when we just want to let go of everything and relax from the busy everyday routine. That’s when camping in the wild becomes a perfect plan for the weekend.

But in no case should you go unprepared. And this includes carrying a top quality pocket knife that’ll get you out of any situation. Although a lot of people think that they need to buy a massive knife with military design, the truth is far from that. After all, you are not going in the most remote place in the world where you should survive the harshest conditions on your own.

Instead, you’ll require a pocket knife that fits easily in what you wear since you might go hiking and one that’s tough and durable. It should be small or middle sized, yet have a blade made of excellent steel and great scales. Don’t get tricked into thinking that you should get a chameleon knife so that it won’t be noticeable. I made this mistake and ended up searching and searching for my knife in the bushes for hours. And guess what? I never found it.

People truly tend to exaggerate the situation sometimes. They prepare for the worst when going hunting, choosing knives for possible safety issues or other unpredictable problems. Well, the truth is, you don’t have to consider any of this issues when going camping. First of all, that’s because the usual actions, which would require a knife are cooking, building a fire, fishing and such. Secondly, that’s because I present to you the best knives for camping that you can buy. They have all the qualities that you need for a careless camping trip. So, enjoy!



You’ll find no match to this knife when it comes to skinning, dressing and cutting. It’s these qualities that make it perfect for a camping trip. The Havalon Piranta Z has the toughness and strength of the knives used for surgeries, which comes in very handy, especially for tasks that include piercing through wood or other hard surfaces. To complete the experience, this amazing tool has an extra sharp 60XT blade, which you can easily exchange with a new one. This makes this knife the sharpest ever. But that’s not all. This knife offers you total control with its handle, which is long and wide enough to give you a simple and hard grip. It’s made of plastic and can be in the composite black or orange color. The rubber side panels only add up to the easy grip. And the thumb studs are great for a one-handed opening. What’s more, the knife comes with a clip, allowing you to carry it with you all the time. Only be careful to check if the usage of this tool is prohibited or not in your state.


Knife length when open: 7 1/4 inches

Knife length when closed: 4 1/4 inches

Blade: Replaceable 60XT blade

Handle material: Plastic

Opening: One-handed with thumb studs

Lock: Liner lock



The BlizeTec pocket knife is basically the synonym for camping and quality in a pocket knife. And believe me when I say that it’s a knife that combines it all. Whether it’s cutting wood, protecting yourself, setting up the tent and even everything that’s got to do with your vehicle, this pocket knife has a lot of functions you’ll definitely rely on in case of emergency. At this point you’re certainly asking yourself how it can do all those stuff. First of all, the 420 stainless steel is one of the things to blame for the high durability and efficiency. The knife’s extra sharpness can also come in very handy for all kinds of purposes. But wait until you hear this. The blade of the pocket knife comes together with an ability to start a fire, cut seat belts, break glass, and even light your way with an awesome LED light. Besides all of that, the BlizeTec is especially light-weight, making it easy to wear and enabling you to put it anywhere while traveling. A great idea is too hook it on your belt, for it comes with a special belt clip.


Length of knife when closed: 5 inches

Blade length: 3.5 inches

Blade material: 420 stainless steel

Weight: 5.46 ounces

Clip: Special belt clip




If you’re looking for an original and unique knife, this is the one for you. It has a blade that’s so good it’ll amaze you. Thanks to the curved shape of the blade, it allows you finish more tasks at once. Piercing, cutting rope, slicing and peeling look very simple with this tool in your hand. Then there’s the stainless steel. It makes the blade corrosion resistant and improves its toughness. The carbon is diamond like, which gives the black Blur knife a fancy look and an extreme hardness. What’s more, the black handle is made of aluminum that is often used in the aircraft field. This alone, proves its durability. Also, it offers a strong grip, preventing the knife from slipping from your hands and hurting you. One of the most important aspects, though, it’s that this knife is very lightweight. You can carry it all the time without any trouble. Finally, its originality lies in the Speed Safe opening. Thanks to this, you can open the knife with only one hand. The mechanism requires a short push on the thumb stud and the blade is out of the handle in a flash. If all of this isn’t enough, you get a pocket clip, which can be optimized for tip-down or tip-up carry.


  • Knife’s length when closed: 4.5 inches
  • Blade length: 3.4 inches
  • Overall length: 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 ounces
  • Blade material: Sandvik steel 14C28N with diamond-like carbon coating
  • Handle material: Anodized aluminum
  • Opening: Speed Safe




The Endura pocket knives developed by Spyderco is a classic when it comes to high quality knives that weigh less and can be opened with one hand. Since the day it has appeared on the market, it has been on the top of the list of best selling knives. As a result of the constant improvements and progress, we now have Endura 4, which unites some of the best qualities of this company’s pocket knives. Firstly, it has a better construction, ergonomics as well as a clip for a worriless carry. Then, its VG-10 blade has a harder tip and a larger opening hole. What’s even better is that the Endura 4 is coated with a black titanium, which improves its corrosion resistance and makes the reflection less disturbing to the eyes. But, this is not all. The knife’s handle is made of nylon and has textures in two directions, which gives you more control of the knife. These textures are supported by liners made of stainless steel. They make the tool stronger without adding any additional weight to it. Not to forget, the phosphor washers make sure that you can operate the knife seamlessly. No wonder all of these features come in handy when you’re camping out in the woods. The tough cutting edge and the textured nylon handle are enough to turn any action you take into a success.


  • Knife’s dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • Knife’s weight: 0.2 ounces
  • Blade: Black, titanium carbonitride-coated blade
  • Blade material: VG-10 high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Liners material: Stainless steel
  • Handle material: Nylon



Truth be told, this is one of the biggest knives of the company SOG. That’s why it got the XL addition to the name. Having said this, the knife is a real beast in nature, helping you with any task imaginable. It has the SAT 2 technology, which lets you open the blade with a slight push of your thumb. It features a VG-10 blade with two tones, making it perfect for slicing different things. In fact, this is the quickest and largest SOG assisted blade, which offers complete safety. Moreover, you can get it in the satin color. And the handle is nothing short of spectacular. It’s made of aluminum with stainless steel liners. That gives you a firm grip of the knife. The fact that the Quake comes with a lifetime warranty proves its excellence more than anything else. Finally, it has a pocket clip for a low carry. Thanks to its futuristic style, this knife has won a lot of awards and recognitions worldwide. As it unites durability, style, effectiveness and performance, it’s a favorite tool among a lot of campers. The military and industrial customers are stunned by its toughness, too.

Overall length of the knife: 10.3 inches

Blade: Satin polished VG 10 blade

Blade length: 4.5 inch

Handle material: Aluminum

Weight: 7.8 ounces,

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty



Personal recommendation

All of these knives are special in their own way. They have unique qualities that’ll turn your camping trip into a real adventure rather than a trouble. Their blades have everything you need to cut through hard surfaces and their handles offer you an easy grip and operation.

However, I personally prefer to carry two of these knives when I go camping. Firstly, the Havalon Piranta Z knife. Not only that it’s very affordable, but it gives you a fair exchange for your money. Starting from the blade, which is one of the sharpest I’ve ever used to the wonderful handle, it has it all. As much as it seemed to me that it isn’t fit for the harder tasks, I was proved wrong when I had to cut the first chunk of wood. So, if you want to save a few bucks and get a good quality knife at the same time, don’t hesitate to take this one.

Another member of my camping pocket knife collection that has never failed me is, of course, the Kershaw knife. To be honest, the diamond-like carbon stole the show for me. I liked to have it since the moment I saw it. And the blade is so good that it helps you finish multiple tasks at once in the blink of an eye. I was stunned at how fast I managed to build my fire and prepare dinner. Also, the aluminum black handle takes durability to a whole new level. Not to mention that it makes the whole knife look way fancier. All in all, I definitely recommend these two amazing knives.